AUR21216 Certificate II in Automotive Underbody Technology

This course in Automotive Underbody Technology will expose students to limited tasks on a variety of vehicles in the automotive retail, service and repair industry. These tasks will provide students with the skills to diagnose and repair exhaust systems, inspect and service steering, suspension and braking systems along with the maintenance of tools and equipment in an automotive workplace.

Requirements for completion of this qualification

To be awarded this qualification, competency must be achieved in 14 units of competency made up of 8 core units of competency and 6 elective units

Your unit selection will be through consultation with your course advisor.

Funding options

  • Fee for service
  • User Choice
  • VETiS

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AUR21216 AUR21216 Certificate II in Automotive Underbody Technology is Nationally Recognised Training.

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Created by Alex Volkov