UEENEEP014A Disconnect - reconnect water heaters connected to low voltage installation wiring

This unit covers disconnecting and reconnecting water heaters connected to low voltage installation wiring. This may be incidental to or a primary and regular function of work related to a principle work function. It encompasses working safely, identifying supply arrangements, following isolation procedures, selecting and using testing and measuring devices, terminating and connecting cables and conductors, safely testing and reporting.

The unit coverage excludes disconnecting or reconnecting circuits at a switchboard or to general electrical accessories (including switches, socket outlets, circuit protective devices etc.); or installation of or alteration to any part of the fixed electrical wiring system (defined as electrical installing work).

The skills and knowledge described in this unit requires a license to practice in the workplace where plant and equipment operate at voltage above 50 V a.c. or 120 V d.c. However other conditions may apply in some jurisdictions subject to regulations related to electrical work. Practice in the workplace and during training is also subject to regulations directly related to occupational health and safety and where applicable contracts of training such as apprenticeships.

Candidates are to meet regulator eligibility requirements by providing formal confirmation from the relevant state/territory regulator for the respective work class and scope of work prior to developing and being conferred competent.

Queensland-based applicants should consult the Queensland Government’s Electrical Safety Office for more information on Restricted electrical work licences and permits.

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