ICTCBL237 Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling

Prior to commencing this unit the learner will have completed ICTCBL236 as a pre requisite. Which provides the learner with the skills and knowledge to safely install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling required according to Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) ’Open‘ Cabling Provider Rule for small installations connected to sockets, and larger commercial and industry installations involving many lines, multi-pair cables, backbone cabling, multi-story buildings and advanced termination modules and distributors.

It applies to individuals who provide services in telephony, carrier modems or multiplexers, private modems or data systems operating over a category one or two twisted pair metallic customer cable in a specific customer location and install, maintain or modify new cable or upgrade cable capacity either, indoor, external, underground or aerial cabling on private and public property for an existing network or subsystem, or cabling infrastructure for convergence to Next Generation Networks (NGN).

Work functions in the occupational areas where this unit may be used are subject to regulatory requirements and is a pre-requisite for ICTCBL301.

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