UEESS00093 Restricted - Disconnection/reconnection of fixed wired low voltage appliances

This skill set is designed for people wishing to disconnect and reconnect low voltage fixed wired appliances which are incidental or a primary and regular function of work related to a principle work function. Learners will be developing skills in isolation of low voltage electrical supplies, disconnection and reconnection of electrical appliances. More specifically, competent persons should be able to: work safely on electrical appliances, identifying supply arrangements; follow isolation procedure; select and use testing and measuring devices; terminate and connect cables and conductors to Australian Standards; safety test and report on electrical appliances.

This EXCLUDES disconnecting or reconnecting circuits at a switchboard or to general electrical accessories (including switches, socket outlets, light etc); or installation of or alteration to any part of the fixed electrical wiring system (defined in applicable regulations as electrical installing work).

Queensland-based applicants should consult the Queensland Government’s Electrical Safety Office for more information on Restricted electrical work licences and permits.

Unit requirements for completion of this Skill Set

  • UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  • UEENEEP010A Disconnect - reconnect appliances connected to low voltage installation wiring

Funding options

  • Fee for service

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UEESS00093 UEESS00093 Restricted - Disconnection/reconnection of fixed wired low voltage appliances is Nationally Recognised Training.

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